15. Vanilla – aroma queen from Madagascar πŸ‡²πŸ‡¬

Today, Madagascar is the largest producer and exporter of vanilla, which is one of the most expensive, popular and beloved spices in the world. The most important components of vanilla are phenolic heterosides, vanillin glucosides (vanilloside) and vanillin alcohol (vanilloside). Aldehyde-vanillin is released from the heteroside during the fermentation of the fruit and it is the main ingredient responsible for the characteristic smell and aroma. The addition of vanilla gives dishes a delicate, unforgettable aroma, and sweet, velvety and aromatic vanilla promotes a sense of joy and has a relaxing and soothing effect, removes tension, suppresses negative thoughts, awakens creativity and optimism. In the summer heat, vanilla ice cream is especially pleasant.

Vanilla – aroma queen from Madagascar (lesson plan)

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