9. Ruthenian Christmas dinner (Ruthenians)

The meals we eat during the day should contain a certain type and amount of food, mostly cereals, then fruits and vegetables, then foods of animal origin and finally smaller amounts of mass oil and sweets. Visually, this is shown with the help of a food pyramid, which is one way of planning a well-balanced meal. The food pyramid serves as an illustration of the correct way of eating and gives guidelines as to which foods should be consumed and in what amounts. Holidays are known for preparing a variety of food. For example, Rusyns prepare fish with rice and potatoes for Christmas Eve. For a better taste, onion, pepper, salt and ground paprika are added, and everything is prepared in oil. Foods such as rice and potatoes are at the bottom of the pyramid while fish is in the middle and oil is at the top of the pyramid.

Ruthenian Christmas dinner (lesson plan)

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