18. German gingerbread and 3D printing πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Gingerbread, not too sweet, extremely tasty and pleasant aromas, neither too soft nor too hard, fresh and very popular in Germany. There are many recipes for gingerbread, but the possibilities for shapes are even greater and practically left to your imagination, and thanks to models that you can create and print yourself with the help of 3D printing. In order to get from an idea to a model, it is necessary to apply modeling techniques and prepare files for 3D printing. The first step is to create a virtual model, then the model is saved as an stl file and fed into the 3D printing preparation software. Then all this is transferred on the card to the printer and the printer can start working. Depending on the model, printing can take longer or longer, and after the process is complete, you have a model that you have created yourself and is ready to shape gingerbread.

German gingerbread and 3D printing (lesson plan)

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