19. Austrian saher cake and fraction πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή

Imagine celebrating your birthday in Austria. You would surely serve Zaher cake to your guests. Sachertorte is one of the most popular Austrian chocolate treats. They usually make it in a round shape, so it is very easy to share with guests. And when we are talking about dividing the whole cake, fractions appear. How much is one half and one quarter of a cake? It is not difficult to conclude that it is three quarters of the cake. However, if we want to know how much 1/8 and 5/6 of a cake is, we need to think a little. To answer that question, we need to know how fractions are added. In this case, in order to add these fractions, it is necessary to reduce them to a common denominator, which is actually the lowest common factor of the numbers 6 and 8, which is 24. Therefore, we add 3/24 and 20/24 and get the result 23/24, that is, 23/24 cakes. If the guests at the birthday party ate 23/24 of the cake, then at the end of the celebration, 1/24 of the cake remained, i.e. one small piece of cake.

Austrian saher cake and fraction (lesson plan)

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